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NSU In The News

Workers turn to graduate-level business certificates (Miami Herald)

Want more earning power without paying big bucks for an MBA? Get a business certificate, some South Florida employers say.

Coral Springs native wins golf’s Florida Open (Sun-Sentinel)

Coral Springs resident Ben Vertz remembers watching Tiger Woods win the 1997 Masters. “My dad saw that I was very interested in watching the tournament, so that’s when and why he got me involved in golf,” said Vertz, who will be a junior this fall at Nova Southeastern University. These…

FIU, UM, Nova among schools honored for minority graduation (Sun-Sentinel)

Some Florida universities are receiving praise for their ability to graduate black and Hispanic students.

Law professor’s book chronicles history of Broward Sheriff’s Office (Multiple Outlets)

From Sheriff Paul Bryan, who was arrested in 1927 on federal bootlegging charges, to Sheriff Ken Jenne, who pled guilty to tax fraud in 2007 and served a year in prison, the fascinating and often tumultuous history of the Broward Sheriff’s Office is extensively detailed in a new book coauthored by Nova Southeastern University law professor Robert M. Jarvis.

NSU Subject Matter Expert: Cyberbullying

In light of the recent cyberbullying that occurred in Palm Coast, Fla., involving an 11-year-old girl, her father and various internet communities, Nova Southeastern University has subject matter experts available to comment on the consequences and repercussions of cyberbullying.

Diana Wasserman-Rubin Turns Herself In (CBS4)

Nova Southeastern University law professor Bob Jarvis spoke to WFOR CBS4 on the arrest of Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin on corruption charges.

Gas station spat leads to death (Miami Herald)

A fight over who would get to use a particular pump at a Lauderdale Lakes gas station has left one man dead and another charged with manslaughter. … Judith McKay, director of Community Resolution Services at Nova Southeastern University, said the purported road rage likely manifested into personal offense.

The Business Show: Executive Compensation (Miami Herald)

Terence Shepherd, the Miami Herald’s Money editor, discusses executive compensation with Dr. Robert Preziosi, the chair of management at Nova Southeastern University’s H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Ricky Williams Invites You to Meditate With Him (Multiple Outlets)

Every Wednesday, in a small, dark classroom on the campus of Nova Southeastern University, the most recognizable Miami Dolphin leads a class on meditation.
Ricky Williams says for him, meditation is like food. He needs it every day. Every morning and before every game. And now he’s sharing his stress relieving philosophy with South Florida.

Colleges serious about Internet intellectuals (Miami Herald)

NSU is again touting its pioneering online presence, but the frontiers have clearly changed. These days the school boasts of being the first to virtually offer medical training to doctors in Iraq.

Study finds some poker players use performance-enhancing substances (Multiple Outlets)

The World Series of Poker is under way, and if a new study is accurate, many players will be using more than reading skills to take down pots. A Nova Southeastern University study found players aren’t just consuming caffeine and energy drinks. Twenty-eight percent reported taking at least one prescription medication to improve poker performance; 34 percent reported using marijuana and 8 percent, cocaine.

NSU research is finding answers to save lives and improve society (Florida Trend)

Making new discoveries to improve healthcare, protect the environment and enhance human interactions is the focus of cutting-edge research at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

NSU hosts Biggest Loser weight loss competition (Sun-Sentinel)

After 16 weeks of intense workouts, physical challenges and a stringent nutrition plan, the 18 participants of Nova Southeastern University’s Biggest Loser contest shed 445 pounds.

Forecast bright for summer (Miami Herald)

Once school gets out, that boosts demand for places that cater to children, said Albert Williams, assistant professor of finance and economics at Nova Southeastern University. “To keep the kids occupied, the outdoor parks, cinema, any activity that ties into teenagers and youngsters” will have higher revenue. Also expect a boost in sales of things designed to cool you off.

Violence breaks out in Jamaica (Multiple outlets)

For Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding, it was a Catch-22: turn over a drug lord and see bloodshed, or refuse and watch his government crumble. He chose the prior. … “As the deaths pile up, he’s going to have a hard time staying in office,” said Jane Cross, director of the Caribbean Law Program at Nova Southeastern University’s Law Center in South Florida. “This is pretty much a mess.”

Learning to swim early may save lives (NBC’s Today Show)

The American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending swimming lessons for toddlers. Deborah Mulligan, M.D., director of Nova Southeastern University’s Institute for Child Health Policy, discussed the new recommendation with NBC’s Today show while NSU’s head swimming and diving coach Hollie Bonewit-Cron taught youngsters swimming techniques.

Business Plan Challenge overall winner: Kitchen Porter Tech (Miami Herald)

Robert Vasquez, who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in business management, was the Challenge Champion in the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge.

Menu ‘stunts’ and how they fared (MSNBC.com)

Fast-food outlets and casual dining chains routinely dream up flashy menu items to build buzz and lure ravenous Americans. “New products are the adrenaline of the fast-food industry,” said Nick Castaldo, a former executive with Denny’s and Burger King who now lectures on marketing at Nova Southeastern University’s business school. “They almost guarantee a short-term spike in sales … because of the high boredom factor and low consumer loyalty in the category.”

Coffee or Tea? New political movements seek a hold on U.S. politics (Sun-Sentinel)

“Angry, resentful and scared. This seems to be the state of grassroots politics today. On the left and on the right, political talk among ordinary Americans has taken on an outraged and aggressive tone — showcasing emotion over reason, distrust over unity. … Yet, for all their differences, if we strip away the angry rhetoric and posturing — big government vs. small government assertions — these two grassroots movements have more striking similarities than differences,” writes Charles Zelden, professor of history at Nova Southeastern University, in an op-ed in the Sun-Sentinel.

Oil spill may affect South Florida (Multiple outlets)

Scientists at the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center fear that the Gulf oil spill will reach South Florida waters and impact fisheries, wildlife, and beaches.

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