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NSU Health Care Centers

Better You from Blue: Preventive Care Guidelines for 2011

These guidelines are standards of care developed to encourage the appropriate provision of preventive services, according to age, gender, and risk-status. Please see click here for 2011 Preventive Care Guidelines.

NSU Medical Clinics to Offer Extended Hours

In order to meet the needs of the NSU community, the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) will be offering extended office hours at its Davie-campus medical clinics in addition to the current medical services offered from Monday to Friday. The clinics will now offer extra hours in the evenings on…

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Tips from Blue Cross Blue Shield For many people the holidays are an acceptable opportunity to over-indulge, and all good intentions of eating healthy goes out the window. It’s no wonder why we fall into such unhealthy habits during the holiday season. Everywhere you go there is somebody waiting with…

Newsletter from Blue Cross Blue Shield

This month’s health hint is brought to us by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. It relates to a number of important health hints and topics that should be of interest to all of us. Better You Wellness Update Robert S. Oller, D.O. Chief Executive Officer Division of Clinical Operations 

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Source: Alzheimer’s Association ( Twenty five years ago, November was designated as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At the time, fewer than 2 million Americans had Alzheimer’s. Today, as many as 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease – 120,000 of them in Massachusetts. Alzheimer’s can occur as young…

October Health Tip

Time to Get a Flu Vaccine! Flu season is approaching. Everyone should get their flu vaccine for not only prevention of the seasonal flu, but this year it includes protection from the H1N1 variant. Regardless of age, it is important to keep up with the schedule of vaccines needed to…

September Health Tip: It Takes Us All to Create a Living Safety Net

  Submitted by NSU’s Office of Suicide & Violence Prevention: Scott Poland, Ed.D., NCSP : Coordinator, Office of Suicide & Violence Prevention; Co-Director, SAMHSA Suicide Prevention Grant CPS Faculty Douglas Flemons, Ph.D., LMFT : Co-Director, SAMHSA Suicide Prevention Grant; SHSS Faculty Erin Procacci, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist : SAMHSA Suicide Prevention NSU…

August Health Tip

This month’s health tip relates to protection from the harms of South Florida sun. Although July was the UV Safety Month, here in South Florida we are exposed to intense sun nearly all year round. This tip is supplied to us by “Better You from Blue.” Enjoy the rest of…

July Health Tip

Safe Summertime Fun Tips from the Center for Disease Control Summer brings thoughts of freedom, relaxation, exploration, and being closer to nature. Whether you’re relaxing in the backyard, turning up your garden, enjoying the pool, or exploring the great outdoors, the Center for Disease Control offers some tips to help…

June Health Tip: Colorectal Cancer is a Killer

In light of all the controversy regarding health care reform, one thing seems certain. If we as individuals do not take more responsibility in addressing our own health care needs, we as a nation, will never succeed in improving the health care system.  A major focus we all need to address…

May is Better Hearing Month! Do you have Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Protect your hearing! Learn ways to protect your hearing by reading these Facts about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.

April Health Tip

With the changes this year in our health care laws in Florida ( excluding health care reform), we have a new required benefit package which is referred to as mental health parity expanding  mental health care benefits that previously had only limited coverage. That being said, and knowing that our…

Health Tip: Save Your Vision Month

In honor of March’s Save Your Vision Month, American Optometric Association (AOA) reminds Americans that caring for eyes includes paying attention to nutrition.

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