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SHSS Engaged in Family Therapy Academic Exchange with China

Last summer a group of graduate students and faculty from the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), led by John Miller, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Family Therapy (DFT), traveled to China to engage in a week-long historic Intercultural Exchange in Counseling, Psychology and Family Therapy. Miller, who is also the director of the Sino-American Family Therapy Institute, was joined by DFT faculty member Martha Marquez, Ph.D.

The project involved collaborative symposium in Beijing between the SHSS graduate students and faculty and Beijing Normal University, offering an opportunity for student-scholars to exchange ideas about the field of therapy from both a Western and Eastern cultural perspective.  The topic guiding the academic exchange was, “Cross-cultural Theory and Intervention: Clinical Service Delivery Strategies and Interventions”.  Beijing Normal University’s Institute for Developmental Psychology co-hosted the project, that included 14 research and clinical presentations on a variety of topics including couples and family therapy, therapy in school settings, marital enrichment research, internet addiction in China, utilizing music in the therapy process, and brief therapy techniques.

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