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NSU Research Spotlight

NSU Research Spotlight: Eye Health

Heidi Wagner, O.D., has dedicated her professional life to identifying and disseminating best practices to promote safe and healthy contact lens wear. As co-chair of a group of cornea and contact lens researchers in academic health centers across North America, Wagner is exploring the extent to which youth is a…

NSU Research Spotlight: Coral Reefs

Bernhard Riegl, Ph.D., is a man on a mission. An internationally acclaimed coral reef scientist, Riegl understands that without the proper interventions, time is running out for the world’s coral reefs. “Just as one would not destroy the Mona Lisa or burn down the nation’s capital, one should not destroy…

NSU Research Spotlight: Deciphering Genes

Gordon Broderick, Ph.D., professor in NSU’s Center for Psychological Studies and director of the Clinical Systems Biology Group at the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, and his team are working with researchers throughout the university to examine genes and also project changes onto the framework of…

NSU Research Spotlight: Substance Abuse

Steven P. Kurtz, Ph.D., and Hilary L. Surratt, Ph.D., co-directors of NSU’s Center for Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities, and professors at NSU’s Institute for the Study of Human Service, Health & Justice, are currently conducting four large research projects involving prescription drug abuse and diversion. Some…

NSU Research Spotlight: Oral Hygiene

As a third-generation dentist, Cristina Garcia- Godoy, D.D.S., certainly didn’t have to look far for career inspiration. Her grandfather, Federico Garcia-Godoy, was the first pediatric dentist in the Dominican Republic. And her father, who has the same name, is also a dentist there. Garcia-Godoy remembers helping out around her grandfather’s…

NSU Research Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Sciences

While taking his first college psychology course, Bob Speth, now a Ph.D., decided that he wanted to figure out how the brain works. “At that time, I had no idea that the brain had 100 billion cells, all making connections with each other. I’m still working at my goal, though…

NSU Research Spotlight: Shark Research

Mahmood Shivji, Ph.D., has made national and international news repeatedly for his revealing research disclosures about shark biology, the shark fin trade, and its impact on shark populations. Shivji first developed an interest in the natural environment, and especially wildlife, in grade school. Later, as a college junior, he lucked…

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