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Occupational Therapy Student Conduct Research Study


MOT students Klaudia Kulpa, Justine Bunville, Sabrina Chang, Samantha Kirschner, and Harami Rodriguez.

A group of five Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOT) student researchers are conducting a study entitled NSU Health Care Professionals Students’ Knowledge about the Occupational Therapy Profession. The goal of the research study is to assess the knowledge of health care professional students regarding the career of Occupational Therapy as well as to educate their future co-professionals. The MOT students’ goal was to see if an informative seminar during a one-hour lunch period was sufficient time to educate their co-professionals on their career. A questionnaire was given at the beginning of the presentation to assess prior knowledge. After a short video, PowerPoint presentation, and Q&A session, a follow-up questionnaire was given. The presenters discussed who they commonly work with, their patient/client base, where they work, and what their goals are as Occupational Therapists. Three sessions will be held and students from the programs of Audiology, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Optometry were invited. An audiology student in attendance shared that she enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot about the profession during the one-hour lunch seminar. Results of all the study will be available at the end of March.