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NSU In The News

NSU research is finding answers to save lives and improve society (Florida Trend)

Making new discoveries to improve healthcare, protect the environment and enhance human interactions is the focus of cutting-edge research at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

NSU hosts Biggest Loser weight loss competition (Sun-Sentinel)

After 16 weeks of intense workouts, physical challenges and a stringent nutrition plan, the 18 participants of Nova Southeastern University’s Biggest Loser contest shed 445 pounds.

Forecast bright for summer (Miami Herald)

Once school gets out, that boosts demand for places that cater to children, said Albert Williams, assistant professor of finance and economics at Nova Southeastern University. “To keep the kids occupied, the outdoor parks, cinema, any activity that ties into teenagers and youngsters” will have higher revenue. Also expect a boost in sales of things designed to cool you off.

Violence breaks out in Jamaica (Multiple outlets)

For Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding, it was a Catch-22: turn over a drug lord and see bloodshed, or refuse and watch his government crumble. He chose the prior. … “As the deaths pile up, he’s going to have a hard time staying in office,” said Jane Cross, director of the Caribbean Law Program at Nova Southeastern University’s Law Center in South Florida. “This is pretty much a mess.”

Learning to swim early may save lives (NBC’s Today Show)

The American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending swimming lessons for toddlers. Deborah Mulligan, M.D., director of Nova Southeastern University’s Institute for Child Health Policy, discussed the new recommendation with NBC’s Today show while NSU’s head swimming and diving coach Hollie Bonewit-Cron taught youngsters swimming techniques.

Business Plan Challenge overall winner: Kitchen Porter Tech (Miami Herald)

Robert Vasquez, who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in business management, was the Challenge Champion in the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge.

Menu ‘stunts’ and how they fared (

Fast-food outlets and casual dining chains routinely dream up flashy menu items to build buzz and lure ravenous Americans. “New products are the adrenaline of the fast-food industry,” said Nick Castaldo, a former executive with Denny’s and Burger King who now lectures on marketing at Nova Southeastern University’s business school. “They almost guarantee a short-term spike in sales … because of the high boredom factor and low consumer loyalty in the category.”

Coffee or Tea? New political movements seek a hold on U.S. politics (Sun-Sentinel)

“Angry, resentful and scared. This seems to be the state of grassroots politics today. On the left and on the right, political talk among ordinary Americans has taken on an outraged and aggressive tone — showcasing emotion over reason, distrust over unity. … Yet, for all their differences, if we strip away the angry rhetoric and posturing — big government vs. small government assertions — these two grassroots movements have more striking similarities than differences,” writes Charles Zelden, professor of history at Nova Southeastern University, in an op-ed in the Sun-Sentinel.

Oil spill may affect South Florida (Multiple outlets)

Scientists at the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center fear that the Gulf oil spill will reach South Florida waters and impact fisheries, wildlife, and beaches.

Resume makeover: Getting organized, focused (Miami Herald)

Maria Arens Torres has sent out more than 100 resumes since she was laid off last August. For the resume makeover, Shari Saperstein, Nova Southeastern University’s career development director, first had Torres go through all those bulleted items and indicate which went with which position.

Durant High senior signs letter of intent for Nova Southeastern swim team (Plant City Courier & Tribune)

Brandon Sports & Aquatic Center’s Blue Wave swim team has announced that senior swimmer Eddie Bandi recently signed a national letter of intent to swim for Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.

Analyst assesses future for Crist, Republican Party (Sun-Sentinel)

Charles Zelden, a professor of history and legal studies at Nova Southeastern University, said Charlie Crist as an independent could become Florida’s next U.S. Senator.

Rear Admiral Michelle Howard Speaks at NSU (uVu)

Rear Admiral Michelle Howard, the first African-American woman to command a ship in the U.S. Navy, attended a luncheon at Nova Southeastern University where she spoke on “Women and Minorities in Today’s U.S. Navy.”

Electronic Records: ‘A Long Way to Go’ (Florida Trend)

Electronic healthcare and medical records are supposed to usher in a new era in medicine. Initially, the biggest winner will be the IT industry. Nova Southeastern University in Davie has 120 students in its master’s program in biomedical informatics.

Ava Maria, Nova and FSU tops for passing the bar (Sun-Sentinel)

The results from the most recent Florida bar exams are out, and a law school on the west coast of Florida reached a 100 percent passage rate. There’s a major caveat for Ava Maria University, however. Only one student took the exam in February. Of schools with a more statistically valid sample, Florida State University topped the state with an 84.8 percent passage rate, followed by Nova Southeastern University in Davie at 82.1 percent.

Longtime Philadelphia educator is now a Hall of Famer (Philadelphia Daily News)

The National Teachers Hall of Fame announced that retired kindergarten teacher Erlene Bass Nelson is among its five 2010 inductees, and only the fourth from Pennsylvania to ever be honored. Nelson earned a doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Coral reefs off Fort Lauderdale better protected from cargo ships (Sun-Sentinel)

The damage from these incidents is highly localized compared with the more widespread harm caused by pollution, overfishing and global warming. “But within that small footprint they caused almost complete devastation,” said Brian Walker, research scientist at Nova Southeastern University’s National Coral Reef Institute. “When a ship strikes a reef, it levels what took thousands of years to build.”

Op-ed: School Violence Prevention Needs a Strong Commitment (Sun-Sentinel)

In the days and years following the Columbine massacre on April 20, 1999, we have had the opportunity to discuss school safety and violence prevention and to empower the students who are the key to school safety. But we have neglected to take advantage of this teachable moment – and have not done enough to prevent another one from happening, writes Scott Poland, Ed.D., an associate professor and coordinator of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University.

With pressure mounting, Crist signals possible independent Senate campaign (Sun-Sentinel)

John Anderson, who won 7 percent of the vote in his independent candidacy for president in 1980, said raising campaign funds is difficult without the usual party machinery. Now 88 and living in Fort Lauderdale, Anderson is a distinguished visiting professor of law at Nova Southeastern University.

Embattled Broward Judge Ana Gardiner resigns (Sun-Sentinel)

Embattled Broward Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner announced her resignation Thursday, avoiding going before a state judicial watchdog agency to answer accusations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a prosecutor. Legal ethics experts say Gardiner’s alleged conduct, if proven, could still have serious consequences for her as an attorney, including the possible removal of her license to practice law, according to Bob Jarvis, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University.

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