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NSU Basketball Update and Game Schedule

Men’s Basketball

After more than a week off, the men’s basketball team will return to action on Nov. 29 in a home game against Flagler College. Flagler and NSU are old Sun Conference rivals, but have since joined the NCAA and now compete in completely different regions. NSU is 18-23 against the Saints all-time, which includes a loss last year. The Sharks have not beaten Flagler since Feb. 20, 2001. The Saints currently compete in the Peach Belt Conference, a premier Division II basketball conference.


DATE         OPPONENT                            LOCATION                 TIME

Nov. 29       FLAGLER                                 NSU ARENA 7:30 pm

Dec. 3          #Alabama-Huntsville             Valdosta, Ga.                 6:00 pm

Dec. 4          #at Valdosta State                    Valdosta, Ga.                 8:00 pm

Dec. 14        at Flagler                                        St. Augustine, Fla.       7:30 pm

Dec. 17       %NORTHERN OHIO                NSU ARENA 8:00 pm

Dec. 18       %FRANKLIN PIERCE             NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Jan. 2          KING COLLEGE (Tenn.)     NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Jan. 5          *FLORIDA TECH                      NSU ARENA 7:30 pm

Jan. 8          *SAINT LEO                                 NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Jan. 12        *BARRY                                           NSU ARENA 7:30 pm

Jan. 15        *at Eckerd                                         St. Petersburg, Fla.    4:00 pm

Jan. 19        *at Lynn                                             Boca Raton, Fla.          7:30 pm

Jan. 22        *TAMPA                                          NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Jan. 26        *at Florida Southern                     Lakeland, Fla.               7:30 pm

Jan. 29        *ROLLINS                                       NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Feb. 5          *at Saint Leo                                     St. Leo, Fla.                    4:00 pm

Feb. 9          *at Florida Tech                             Melbourne, Fla.             7:30 pm

Feb. 12        *ECKERD                                         NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Feb. 16        *at Barry                                             Miami Shores, Fla.       7:30 pm

Feb. 19        *at Tampa                                           Tampa, Fla.                     4:00 pm

Feb. 23        *LYNN                                                NSU ARENA 7:30 pm

Feb. 26        *FLORIDA SOUTHERN           NSU ARENA 4:00 pm

Mar. 2-6      SSC Tournament                               Melbourne, Fla.            TBA

Women’s Basketball

After hosting the third annual NSU Tip-Off Classic, the women’s basketball team will fly to Denver, Colo. for the Metro State Thanksgiving Classic to take on Metro State on Nov. 26 before butting heads with Western State on Nov. 27. NSU got off to one of its best starts in seven years by opening the season with a 77-70 win over national powerhouse Northern Kentucky. The victory marked NSU’s first win in a season opener since the 2002 season. For her performance in the win, senior center Stephanie Sarosi from Mims, Fla., was tabbed SSC Player of the Week for the eighth time in her career.


DATE             OPPONENT                                          LOCATION           TIME

Nov. 26           ^ Metro State                                         Denver, Colo.         3:00 pm

Nov. 27          ^  Western State                                    Denver, Colo.          1:00 pm

Dec. 1              at Florida Memorial                             Miami, Fla.                 7:00 pm

Dec. 4              *at Rollins                                                Winter Park, Fla.      2:00 pm

Dec. 17            %FRANKLIN PIERCE                    NSU ARENA 6:00 pm

Dec. 30           SHAW                                                       NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Jan. 5              *FLORIDA TECH                             NSU ARENA 5:30 pm

Jan. 8              *SAINT LEO                                        NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Jan. 12            *BARRY                                                 NSU ARENA 5:30 pm

Jan. 15            *at Eckerd                                                St. Petersburg, Fla.     2:00 pm

Jan. 19            *at Lynn                                                   Boca Raton, Fla.            5:30 pm

Jan. 22            *TAMPA                                               NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Jan. 26            *at Florida Southern                         Lakeland, Fla.                   5:30 pm

Jan. 29            *ROLLINS                                          NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Feb. 2              PALM BEACH ATLANTIC     NSU ARENA 5:30 pm

Feb. 5              *at Saint Leo                                         St. Leo, Fla.                     2:00 pm

Feb. 9              *at Florida Tech                                  Melbourne, Fla.                5:30 pm

Feb. 12            *ECKERD                                             NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Feb. 16            *at Barry                                                 Miami Shores, Fla.      5:30 pm

Feb. 19            *at Tampa                                              Tampa, Fla.                    2:00 pm

Feb. 23            *LYNN                                                   NSU ARENA 5:30 pm

Feb. 26            *FLORIDA SOUTHERN              NSU ARENA 2:00 pm

Mar. 2-6           SSC Tournament                                 Melbourne, Fla.           TBA

BOLD – Home Games;

* – Sunshine State Conference Games

# – NSU/Marriot Tip-Off Classic, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

^ – Metro State Thanksgiving Classic; Denver, Colo.

% – Cruzin Classic (Trip Sports), Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.