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Looking for Work-Life Balance? Let NSU Help You Find that Balance

When it comes to balancing the responsibilities of both work and family life, we often find ourselves in the dilemma of trying to balance the conflicting demands of work with family responsibilities.

Many of us are having more difficulty achieving Work-Life Balance because of the rapidly changing workplace.  The workday is longer and does not end when we leave for the day due to technologies such as the Smartphones, Tablets, and the Internet.

NSU offers employees many programs which are specifically designed to enhance their Work-Life Balance; these programs are:

Abenity Employee Discount

Abenity Concierge                                       Nutrition Counseling

Veterans Assistance                                    Smoking Cessation

Caregiver Alliance                                       Weight Watchers At Work

Family Therapy                                             The Plus 30 Program

Employee Assistance

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