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View Latest Issue of Quadrivium, an Interactive Online Journal of Scholarship, Art

The Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences has published the third issue of Quadrivium, an online journal featuring multidisciplinary scholarship by the college’s faculty members and graduate students. The term “quadrivium” refers to the four arts and sciences studied in the Middle Ages.

The college has its own quadrivium, consisting of its four divisions—Humanities; Math, Science, and Technology; Performing and Visual Arts; and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The journal of the same name showcases critical and creative work by faculty members and select graduate students from these four divisions.

(from left) Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, stands with the faculty and student contributors to the third issue of Quadrivium: (back row) Jim Doan, Ph.D.; Jason E. Piccone, Ph.D.; Joshua Feingold, Ph.D.; Ben Mulvey, Ph.D.; Darren Hibbs, Ph.D.; and Eric Mason, Ph.D.; (front row) Ed. Stieve, Ph.D.; Barbara Ryan, M.F.A.; Emily Schmitt, Ph.D.; Tara Morin, M.A. student; Christine Jackson, Ph.D.; and Andrea Shaw, M.F.A., Ph.D.

Quadrivium’s third issue features content ranging from argumentative essays by faculty members in the humanities to visual art by faculty in the sciences. College faculty members published in this issue are Joshua Feingold, Ph.D.; Darren Hibbs, Ph.D.; Christine Jackson, Ph.D.; Ben Mulvey, Ph.D.; Jason E. Piccone, Ph.D.; Barbara Ryan, M.F.A.; Jim Doan, Ph.D.; Emily Schmitt, Ph.D.; and Ed Stieve, Ph.D. The journal also includes an article about racism in the online video game World of Warcraft written by Tara Morin, a student in the college’s M.A. in Writing program.

The magazine’s digital format allows readers to see and engage with the work referenced in many of its entries. Embedded images, some of which can be “activated” with the swipe of the mouse, enhance the collection and make Quadrivium a truly interactive experience for readers.

The journal was edited by Eric Mason, Ph.D., assistant professor, and Andrea Shaw, M.F.A., Ph.D., associate professor and assistant director of the college’s Division of Humanities. To view the latest issue of Quadrivium, visit

To view photos taken at the Issue 3 launch event, visit the college’s Photo Gallery.