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University School of NSU Chess Team Defends State Title & Triples Victory

2nd Place Elementary (K-5) Chess Team for SuperState IX

University School of NSU students recently brought home not one, but three Florida Scholastic Chess Championship trophies.

For nearly three decades, University School’s chess teams, comprised of students from kindergarten through high school, have earned statewide and national recognition. This year’s showing at the Florida Scholastic Chess Championship served only to further enhance the program’s reputation.

University School’s high school chess team (which includes one Middle School member) successfully defended their State Championship title. In addition, the school’s elementary and primary teams both captured second place trophies at a tournament boasting 600 students and 100 teams. (University School’s elementary team finished a half point behind first place while the primary team finished one point away.)

Despite the heavy competition, half of USchool’s participants scored in the top ten of their divisions. In their respective groups, Danny Sepler and Dominic Stephens tied for 2nd, Nathan Barnavon, Cory Riegelhaupt and Luke Kreysar tied for 8th, and Nicholas Barron tied for 10th. Jonah Morris and Vladimir Zeltsman also scored in special rating-restricted sections. In special events, Cory Riegelhaupt captured third for Blitz (speed) while Nicholas Barron and Stewart Hughes tied for 5th and Benjamin Barron took 7th in Bughouse (tandem) chess.

Two-Time Florida High School Chess Team Champions
Nathan Barnavon
Steven Buzgon
Jordan Greissman
Cory Riegelhaupt
Danny Sepler
Drew Stone

2nd Place Elementary (K-5) Chess Team for SuperState IX
Nicolas Barron
Benjamin Barron
Sophia Borzillo
Stewart Hughes

2nd Place Primary (K-3) Chess Team for SuperState IX

2nd Place Primary (K-3) Chess Team for SuperState IX
Madison Davis
Luke Kreysar
Dominic Stephens
Robert Zeltsman