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Undergraduate Students Recognized for Award-Winning Scholarship and Creative Works

Adam Abdulhafid, biology major at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, earned first place at the Undergraduate Student Symposium for his research poster, titled “A B-Cell-Driven Model of Antibody Response in an Immunocompromised System.”

“We are here to celebrate outstanding student scholarship and support from faculty across a wide range of disciplines,” said Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, at the college’s Apr. 23 reception honoring NSU undergraduate students’ award-winning work. Students were recognized for their contributions to this year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium, Undergraduate Film Festival, the 2012 issue of Digressions literary magazine, and the Fourth Annual Juried Student Exhibition.

Congratulations to the following students recognized for their award-winning scholarship and creative works:

Undergraduate Student Symposium
First Place | Dalia Faerman | Logo Submission for the 2013 Undergraduate Student Symposium

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award
Jaibel Makiyil | “The Function of Sleep Disorders in Explaining Gender Differences in Adolescent Depression”

First Place—Poster Presentations
—Adam Abdulhafid | “A B-Cell-Driven Model of Antibody Response in an Immunocompromised System”
Second Place—Poster Presentations
—Reena Parikh | “Total Synthesis of Functionalized Acenes”
Third Place—Poster Presentations
—Nancy Sarmiento | “Angiotensin III Induced STAT3 Phosphorylation in Cultured Rat Astrocytes”
Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations
—Stephanie Chery | “Effect of Retinoic Acid on Osteogenesis of Human Umbilical-Cord Stem Cells”
—Jaibel Makiyil | “The Function of Sleep Disorders in Explaining Gender Differences in Adolescent Depression”
—Yaneve Shemesh, Kira Santos, Jamala Swindle, and Andrea Lopez | “Assessing the Importance of the Chelator EDTA on Binding of an Angiotensin II Analog to Neurolysin in Rat Testis and Brain Tissue Utilizing 3-Dimensional Modeling and Radioligand Binding”
—Jada Buckner, Kyle Gyarfas, and Anamaria Cretu | “Biomechanical Justification for Training Rowers with the Power Clean”
—Ahmed Ali, Kelsey Bragg, Catalina Breton, William Kotkin, and Jonathan Romanes | “Comparative Neurogenesis in the Brain of the Adult Mayan Cichlid”

First Place— Oral Presentations
—Amy Peters | “A Journey Brought to You in Part By: Improvisation”
—Ramey Alfarra | “The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Neurophysiological Measures of Emotion and Biochemical Measures of Stress”
—Raquel Prol, Enrique Serrano, and Hung Pham | “A Tale of Two Cities: Comparison of Air Quality Between Los Angeles & Miami Metropolitan Areas”
—Dan Abella | “Because You’re a Good Man…Right?: A Deconstructive Analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’”
Second Place—Oral Presentations
—Yineth Sanchez | “The Epistemological Status of Theoretical Simplicity”
—Ana Paula Delgado | “The Study of Lagenidium Giganteum Crinkler Genes”
—Melanie Campbell and Elizabeth Mortazavi | “Exploring a Potential Pathway for Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Urban Atmosphere by Laboratory Experiments”
—Irina Cossio and Belkis Rivas | “Bilingual Text Comprehension”

Undergraduate Film Festival
First Place | Esther Swilley | Loop Hole
Second Place | Charnele Michel | The Different Shades of Black
Third Place | Amrish Ramnarine | Lady of the Night

Fourth Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Best in Show | Kate Allen | Rex Mortuus (charcoal)
Second Prize | Saraii Murrugarra | Untitled Diptych (photography)
Third Prize | Jeremy Cantor | 21st Century Thinking Man (digital collage)
Dean’s Choice Award | Sam Falk | The Bright Night
Faculty Choice Award | Sussy Lobo | Contemplation (charcoal)
Faculty Choice Award | Juan Aquino | Self-Portrait (charcoal)
Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award | Natalie Hernandez | Cold Envious Stares (photography)
Honorable Mention | Yalila Perez | Sheephead Skull (charcoal)
Honorable Mention | Albina Subkhangulova | Friend of Foe (acrylic on canvas)
Honorable Mention | Natalie Hernandez | Cold Envious Stares (photography)
Honorable Mention | Takara Martin | Self-Portrait (spray paint, cardboard)
Honorable Mention | Juan Reyes | Retrospective (computer art)

Winner—Short Fiction | Dan Abella | A School Crisis
Runner-Up—Short Fiction | Joe Cirino | Come, Darkness Triumphant!
Winner—Poetry | Victoria Rajkumar | Ballad of Scales
Runner-Up—Poetry | Ari Deutsch | Lords and Gods of Light and Thunder
Winner—Visual Art | Natalie Hernandez | Bella
Runner-Up—Visual Art | Lacrima Nemulescu | Opiate to the Drains

Visit the college’s online Photo Gallery to view pictures from these events.