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H. Thomas Temple, MD, Co-Director of the 18th Annual Musculoskeletal Oncology Course with Moffitt Cancer Center and University of South Florida in Islamorada, Florida

MOC Faculty for the 2018 Course Event.

MOC Faculty for the 2018 Course Event.


For the past 18 years, H. Thomas Temple, MD has been the Co-Director of the Musculoskeletal Oncology Course (MOC).  This year 150 attendees from all over the nation and  several from abroad were educated on how to better identify orthopaedic cancers.   The course is designed to show the correlation between clinical, radiographic and pathologic data. The course will presents the medical and surgical management of musculoskeletal disease. The topics include clinical staging, clinicoradiological interpretation, pathology and treatment. A concentrated focus is placed on various types of tumors, such as bone, osseous, cartilaginous, lipomatous, muscular and neurogenic. The course features didactic sessions and interactive case presentations. Audience included orthopaedic residents and fellows, orthopaedic surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who may diagnose and treat musculoskeletal abnormalities and tumors.  H. Thomas Temple, MD is known for his “Bone Unknown” interactive session as well as several other presentations throughout the course.

The incidences of orthopaedic cancers make up about 1% of cancers.  Due to the lower occurrence, the physicians in this field have a very specialized skill set, making specific continued education in this field imperative.  This program educates physicians, fellows and residents on pathology, radiology and surgery and how they correlate in orthopaedic oncology.