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Tag Archives: Pi Day

Nova Southeastern University is Celebrating International PI Day – March 14 (3/14)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FORT LAUDERDALE/DAVIE, Fla. – We all remember it from our math classes – that quirky little symbol π that represents the mathematical constant, pi. However, many of us don’t quite remember what it really means – but we do remember the number that represents pi – 3.14…

Pi (Pie?) Day Comes to Nova Southeastern University

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ** ATTENTION PHOTO & ASSIGNMENT EDITORS ** Looking For a Fun, Quirky Story – NSU Has You Covered!     FORT LAUDERDALE/DAVIE, Fla. – It’s that time of year again – the time when pizza + dessert = MATH! It’s March 14, otherwise referred to as Pi…

It’s International Pi Day – And NSU Will Celebrate!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   WHO: Emilola Abayomi, Ph.D., assistant professor in Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography; NSU students, faculty and staff and members of the community WHAT: “Happy Pi Day” presentation: A Slice of Probability with a Side of π WHERE: NSU’s Fort Lauderdale-Davie…