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Sweet Lesson about Bees Given to Preschoolers at NSU’s Mailman Segal Center

Beekeeper Al Salopek gave a sweet lesson today to more than 100 preschoolers at NSU’s Mailman Segal Center (MSC) about the role bees play in our environment. The three and four-year olds, part of the school’s Summer Enrichment camp, learned about the various jobs honey bees have during their short lives – from builder bees and defenders to the most important Queen bee.

The kids got an “up close and personal experience” with a live, two-frame observation hive, an empty commercial bee hive with frames, a beekeeping equipment and suit, a honeycomb, beeswax, flowers and various artificial fruits and vegetables that honey bees pollinates. Find out more about the MSC camp and school at  For more about the beekeeper’s mission, go to