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SHSS Faculty Interviewed by Media on Egyptian Crisis

Dustin Berna, Ph.D.

Dustin Berna, Ph.D., faculty in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (DCAR) in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), was interviewed by CBS News Miami regarding the current political crisis in Egypt. Berna, an Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution and Political Science, is an expert on Middle Eastern politics and Islamic Fundamentalism.

According to Berna, the level of education in Egypt contributes to the difference between that population and the population of some other countries experiencing political unrest. Berna has conducted a study examining the causes and electoral success of Islamic fundamentalist groups. He has collected and coded every Islamic fundamentalist group that is or has been in operation in the Islamic world since 1970. Berna is also the faculty advisor to the Middle East and Islamic World Awareness Group, the Asian Working Group, and the International Diplomacy Working Group at SHSS.

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