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Reflections from a Christmas Gift

2018-02-14_SharkBytes_CampA few years ago, Aarika Camp, Ph.D., was on a mission to find the perfect Christmas gift for her brother. She knew that it needed to be something special. After all, at 24, this man had sacrificed so much to raise her after their mother died when Camp was only 16.

When the idea struck her, it became obvious. What better gift for someone who had changed her life than one that would help change the lives of others, too?

To honor her brother and the memory of her mother, Camp created the Geraldine & Cecil Stoghill Changing Lives Scholarship. The scholarship supports undergraduate students at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Camp said she chose the college because of her personal connections–she is a professor at the college’s M.S. in College Student Affairs program, and her undergraduate degree in women’s literature also falls within the scope of the college.

As associate dean of student services at NSU, Camp interacts with students on a daily basis. “What I love about working with NSU students is that I get to help them forge their own identities. I try my best to keep them motivated and focused on graduating and engaging with the university.” She stresses the importance of a support system to help students have positive college experiences.

Camp believes it’s more than just students who benefit from being a part of the NSU community. “For me, creating a scholarship helped me realize how much pride I have in this institution. Although I’ve never attended NSU as a student, I still look at it as one of my alma maters. This is a great institution, and hopefully, I can inspire other faculty members to feel as proud of NSU as I do.”