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NSU’s Phi Delta Chi Educates the Community on Healthy Eating Habits


Phi Delta Chi (PDC) Pharmacy Fraternity at NSU College of Pharmacy

Phi Delta Chi (PDC) Pharmacy Fraternity at NSU’s College of Pharmacy participated in NSU’s 14th Annual CommunityFest in Febuary, to educate and raise awareness about healthy eating for children.

Childhood obesity is a concerning problem in our country, and children from low-income families are the most affected. In an effort to educate children to eat healthier, PDC created a booth designed with interactive and educational games for the community. The booth theme was Happy Plate, and it included educational information found at

The activity consisted of first teaching children the five food groups that are essential for a healthy diet with basic illustrations for them to identify. Then children were able to feed a shark by tossing the dice and depending on what color the diced landed on; they would choose a fruit/veggie that they liked to eat and then feed it to the shark. There were two dice each had six sides, which were color coated with a particular food group. At the end of the game, the kids received goody bags that included a pamphlet and toys like maze puzzles.

Brother Dayana Martinez stated “it was a fun and interactive activity to teach young children the importance of healthy eating. Also, the most rewarding part was to see their smiling faces after feeding the shark their favorite fruit or vegetable!”

PDC is devoted to educating and promoting healthy lifestyle choices to the community. Additionally, PDC is thankful to NSU President George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D., and the NSU mascot Razor, for stopping by the booth.