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Panel Discussion on Assisted Reproductive Technology- Issues and Pathways to Success, Jan. 14

AssitedReproductivePanelDiscussionOn January 14, attorneys Jeffrey A. Kasky and Marla B. Neufeld, co-authors of the new book, The American Bar Association’s Guide to Assisted Reproduction, will explain the available Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) options. The panel discussion will be held at 2:00 pm in the Alvin Sherman Library, Cotilla Gallery, 2nd floor.

This discussion will cover the process for choosing the appropriate team to assist with your ART journey such as medical providers, psychological implications and legal representatives; understanding and entering into appropriate agreements; and the unique issues that may arise pre-and post-birth.

Included in the panel discussion will be:
• Attorneys Jeffrey A. Kasky, co-founder of the Life Through Surrogacy, and Marla B. Neufeld with Greenspoon Marder, P.A.

• Kenneth Gelman, a reproductive doctor with the South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine

• Lauren K. Cohn, Ph.D., licensed psychologist

• Aparna Rajadhyaksha, M.D., with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Division of Clinical Genetics and Metabolism

After the discussion, the authors will sign purchased copies of their thought-provoking and timely book. The ABA’s guide provides those considering embarking upon ART with the foundational knowledge they need to make informed choices regarding which ART method to use and the criteria to select the right professionals. It also contains insight from experts in the ART industry such as renowned reproductive doctors, embryologists, mental health professionals, lawyers, religious perspectives, and those who shared their personal struggles with family building.

You can register here to attend the panel discussion.

For more information, contact Kimberli Kidd at Public Library Services, Alvin Sherman Library at or 954-262-5477.