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OC Faculty Authors Book on Environmental Change

NSU Oceanographic Center associate professor and scientist Sam Purkis, Ph.D., has written a book entitled, “Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change.” The work – co-authored with Victor Klemas, M.S., Ph.D., professor emeritus from the University of Delaware – is published by Wiley-Blackwell and will be hitting shelves in the next weeks.

Purkis with his book, “Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change”

The book provides the reader with a broad grounding in the science of observing the planet. It contains a comprehensive sequenced discussion covering the significant themes of global change, their causes, and how they can be monitored through time. Topics covered include degrading coral reefs, melting ice caps, sea-level rise, urban sprawl, global changes in vegetation, amongst many others.

The text will serve as an invaluable reference for managers and researchers, regardless of their specialty, while also appealing to students of all ages. The book is available through vendors and priced at $75. For more information, please contact, Purkis at 954-262-3647 or