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NSU’s Severe Weather Tabletop Exercise


NSU’s Public Safety Department recently conducted a Tabletop exercise in the Carl DeSantis building with more than 75 people from the university in attendance. The two-hour exercise tested attendees on recovery efforts after a severe weather.

Teams were provided assignments that related to the recovery action that would be required after a category 2 hurricane. Each group was assigned one of the three modules and were assigned timed tasks divided which began as the storm passed the area. The second phase began twelve hours after the storm and the final module simulated two weeks later.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season does not end until November 30, therefore, preparedness is essential. This Tabletop exercise is another example of the priority the university places on safety as it pertains to NSU students, faculty and staff. Kudos to those who attended and to Public Safety for coordinating the exercise.