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NSU’s Economics and Finance Association (EFA) Hosted its First Workshop on Personal Finance

Dr. Albert Williams Listening to Financial Literacy Questions

Albert Williams, Ph.D., Listening to Financial Literacy Questions

The Economics and Finance Association held its first workshop for the 2017/18 academic year. The speaker for this event was Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, Albert Williams, Ph.D., from the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Williams teaches personal finance (FIN 2000) to students from across the university as well as to the honors students (FIN 2000H). He gave a motivating presentation on personal finance and an overview of the topics covered in his course.

These included:

  • Financial goal planning
  • Personal tax management
  • Personal accounting statements
  • Credit and Credit Card Management
  • Buying a car and a house
  • Managing cash
  • Developing a Savings Strategy
  • The need for life, health, and property insurance
  • Investment and Wealth Creation
  • Retirement and Estate Planning.

Williams posed some basic financial literacy questions to test how financially literate the students were. This generated a lot of lively discussion! At the end, he allowed ample time for individual questions and open discussion. The room had more than 40 attendees (both graduate and undergraduate students).

Also attending were some faculty members. These included:  Dr. Jack De Jong (Department Chair and Finance Faculty), Dr. Emre Kuvvet (Finance Faculty), Dr. William Stronge (Economics Faculty), and Professor Joel Auerbach (Economics Faculty and Co-Advisor of EFA).  These faculty members actively participated in the discussion. Williams’ parting words were: “Create enough wealth for your retirement. Do not depend on the government to take care of you.”

The EFA has other exciting presentations in the pipeline. Please see the EFA flyers on campus. Also, you can contact Sean Ellison, President of the Economics and Finance Association at