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Pride Bite: NSU’s College of Optometry Opens Dry Eye Care Center

NOVADry eyes are irritating whether you wear contact lenses or not.  The insufficient or poor quality tears associated with dry eye is a common complaint impacting millions of Americans.  There are many causes for dry eye syndrome including problems with the production of tears, blocked glands in the eye lids, certain medications, and systemic diseases.  Computer use and air conditioning can make the condition worse. No matter what the cause red, burning or itching dry eyes can impact one’s quality of life.

Nova Southeastern University’s College of Optometry recently opened a dry eye service at The Eye Care Institute under the supervision of Dr. Chandra Mickles, an optometrist and associate professor with special interest in contact lenses and dry eye disease.  “There are many causes of dry eye,” said Dr. Mickles, “and there are just as many effective solutions depending on your particular cause.”

NSU’s The Eye Care Institute serves thousands of students and members of the South Florida community. The new Dry Eye Care Center is located at The Eye Care Institute’s Davie location at 3200 S. University Drive, 2nd floor.   Click here for the telephone number and additional information about The Eye Care Institute.  Since the clinic is part of the university, the patient gets thorough care as optometry students work along with the doctor.

Most insurances are accepted and a sliding pay scale is available to those in need. Call (954) 262-4200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mickles.