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#NSUFindYourStrong: Shoes for Every Occasion; especially Working Out


Not all shoes were created equal – so how do you decide which athletic shoes to buy?

When comparing dress shoes and flip flops that may seem obvious, but when searching for a pair of athletic shoes, all the sneakers may seem to blend together. For that reason, here are some things to remember when you’re in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes.

There’s a different type of shoe for every athletic activity, whether its boots for hiking or cheer shoes for cheerleading. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind the type of athletic activity you intend to use the shoes for most. For example, do you plan to go hiking with NSU RecWell’s Outdoor Adventure Program? Then you need a sturdy pair of hiking shoes that’ll stand up to the uneven terrain and protect your feet from the elements. Do you normally use the cardio machines, like the elliptical or the stationary bike, at the RecPlex? Then you should find a pair of lightweight sneakers that don’t constrict your feet.
Once you’ve decided on the type of shoes you need, you need to decide on the type of fit you need.

Overall, your shoes should be snug, but not tight. During exercise, our feet tend to swell due changes in blood circulation to accommodate the increased activity. This detail is important to keep in mind when trying on shoes – if the shoes are tight in the store, they’ll become uncomfortable while you’re exercising. Also, consider the shape of your feet. A shoe becomes an extension of your foot, so the shoe should provide support. For example, if you have high arches to where you find yourself balancing on the edges of your feet, look for shoes with more padding in them. If you don’t like how your shoes fit, they may discourage you from pursing physical activity.

The last thing to remember when buying new athletic shoes is that they are made to be functional, not fashionable. Your shoes are going to get dirty and scuffed and you will one day need to replace them. Find shoes that fit your needs, so you can get the most out of them before you need a new pair.

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