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NSU University School Students Participate in National Biomechanics Day

National biomechanics day1

National Biomechanics Day

NSU University School-Upper School students enjoyed working with NSU faculty in the university’s first ever National Biomechanics Day! The event took place at the NSU Exercise and Sports Medicine lab. The students were divided into three groups and rotated between three lab stations which consisted of:
(1) Making their own “spaghetti diagram” by tracking their center of pressure movement during a postural sway activity on the force plate,
(2) Generating their own vertical ground reaction force while walking or jogging on the force instrumented treadmill
(3) Measuring center of mass height during different jumping techniques using Dartfish video analysis software.

NSU University School students conducted experiments, collected data, and investigated real-world applications of physics and biomechanics, all while learning from distinguished professors and medical experts.