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NSU to Host Florida Straits Conference: Model for International Cooperation, Mar. 5-6


Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is proud to host The Florida Straits Conference: Model for International Cooperation. Organized by Hunt Petty LP, the conference is open to key stakeholders and experts with an interest in oil spill prevention, emergency planning, response and mitigation.

The conference is scheduled for March 5-6 at NSU’s Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography’s Ocean Campus, 8000 Ocean Dr., Hollywood (inside the Mizell-Johnson State Park). Timely and relevant, the conference is an opportunity to “up-the-knowledge curve” on the latest research on spill trajectory prediction and industry technology in capping and containment, as well as progress on governmental cooperation. As potential changes may be made to offshore exploration areas in the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern U.S. seaboard, the conference issues assume even greater relevance to the environmental community.

“When it comes to oil spills, it’s not a matter of if but when,” said Richard Dodge, Ph.D., Dean of NSU’s Halmos College. “It’s vital that all those involved when a spill occurs – emergency managers, research scientists, governmental officials – understand all the factors and needs so an appropriate response can be initiated. Conferences like this help in those efforts – keeping an open dialogue is key to successful responses.”

The goal of this conference is to promote dialogue among stakeholders (academic, scientific research, industry and government) in sustaining the environmental quality of the territorial and shared international seas of the Gulf of Mexico and particularly the Florida Straits.

Three themes run throughout this two-day conference:

  • Eco-systems, ocean habitats and the potential environmental risks posed by oil spills;
  • Advanced technology for preventing, containing and mitigating spill related risks and research analyzing oil migration patterns and advanced technology for prediction and tracking;
  • Developments in governmental cooperative agreements enabling an effective, coordinated international response to an oil spill impacting the waters of the United States, Mexico and Cuba.

For a full listing of the conference agenda and speaker biographies please visit us online HERE.

Notable speakers participating in The Florida Straits Conference include, but are not limited to:

  • RADM Peter Brown, Commander, Seventh Coast Guard District;
  • Patricia González, Center of Marine Investigations, University of Havana;
  • Susanne Lehner, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany;
  • CDR Keith M. Donohue, Seconded to the International Maritime Organization, RAC REMPEITC – Caribe, Curacao.

The Florida Straits Conference is an historical occasion in environmental protection and ecological and economic safeguards for Florida, the Florida Straits and Cuba.