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NSU Research Spotlight: NSU Researcher Publishes Several Research Findings related to Epigenetics and Nutrition


Malav Trivedi, Ph.D.

Malav Trivedi, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmacology in the College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, recently published several research articles. Trivedi’s research depicts the role of major antioxidant metabolite glutathione in regulation of gene expression via the marks on DNA known as epigenetic status. He investigated the influence of nutrition and dietary peptides on mediating these epigenetic changes. The list of publications is included below.

Implications of this research range from gastrointestinal functions, inflammatory responses, neuronal stem cell differentiation, as well as several neurodevelopmental diseases including autism spectrum disorders. Also provides a new avenue for therapeutic modalities. Recently, Trivedi also received additional funding for continuing his research project titled “Simulated Gastrointestinal Digestion of Peptides.”

  1. Differential neurogenic effects of casein derived opioid peptides on Neuronal Stem Cells: Implications for redox based epigenetic changes, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, In press.
  1. Neuregulin 1 Promotes Glutathione-Dependent Neuronal Cobalamin Metabolism by Stimulating Cysteine Uptake, Journal of Oxidative Metabolism and Longevity. October.
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  1. Epigenetic effects of casein-derived opioid peptides in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. In press.