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NSU Pharmacy Professor Helps Organize Walk for Children of Syria

Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy Assistant Professor Mutasem Rawas-Qalaji, Ph.D., is helping organize a national walk to help raise money for Syrian children how have been impacted by the recent conflict. Called a “Walk for Children of Syria”, the event will take place Saturday Sept. 8, from  5 p.m.  to 7 p.m. at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

The registration is free for first 5,000 people that register with the option to make donations, buy T-shirts, mugs, etc. Registration is $5 after that. The walk will be a nationwide event to raise awareness about the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and generate vital funds for children suffering under the dictatorship of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.  His regime has launched a brutal crackdown for 16 months to suppress an uprising for freedom, dignity and democracy.

Thousands of children in Syria have become victims of the indiscriminate attacks characterizing the regime’s bloody crackdown. Brutal crimes have claimed the lives of over 1,800 children, forcing more than one hundred thousand families to flee their homes seeking safety in neighboring countries. Some estimates put the number of internally displaced at more than one million.  Escalating violence against civilians in Syria has forced thousands of traumatized children to live in refugee camps surrounded by barbed-wire fences waiting and wondering when they can return to their normal lives. Each one of them has lost someone or something–a parent, a sibling, a friend, and/or a home.

The children of Syria need IMMEDIATE help! Let us work together to help them during this crisis. Your participation in the ‘Walk for the Children of Syria’ along with a generous donation will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children in need.

Please visit to register for the “Walk” with the option to reserve a T-shirt online. In addition, we encourage you to contribute with any donations on the website if you can. All proceeds will benefit UNICEF to help children who were forced to flee their homes under fire and seek safety along the Syrian borders in refugee camps. This fundraising effort will not only generate vital funds for children suffering under a brutal regime but will also raise awareness about the increasing humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. Since March of 2011, more than 20, 000 people have been killed including more than 1000 children.

Please help giving voice to victims of violence around the world. It is imperative that we maximize the public awareness and energize engagement. We need your help in promoting the event as well as getting endorsements. Please get the word out about the Walk and make sure that as many supporters of global freedom as possible get the chance to participate in the event to ensure dignity for all children.

Endorsers and sponsors of the event will be recognized in marketing and advertising materials during the Walk for the Children of Syria.

Official Walk website:

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For more information, please Professor Mutasem Rawas-Qalaji at or 954-262-1350