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NSU Orlando Sharks in the Spotlight

Orlando Sharks in the Spotlight - Gilbert Saenz

Left to right: Luis Rivera, Toni Ballone, Gilbert Saenz, Michael Daniels, and Amber Warren

Gilbert Saenz, an NSU Orlando alumni, was awarded the Outstanding Professional Achievement Award upon the publication of his first book. Gilbert graduated from the mental health counseling program in the summer of 2012 and is presently employed as a therapist at Chrysalis Health. He graciously took some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with the NSU Orlando team.

“My time at NSU encouraged me to explore my full potential and to share my voice with my community, which led me to write and publish my first book, Spiritual Reincarnation,” Gilbert said. “I have also begun sharing my voice by participating in podcasts and performing my poetry live.”

When asked what some of his favorite NSU moments were, Gilbert didn’t hesitate to mention the role-playing sessions in Dr. Smiley’s class, as well as the lunches he shared with his fellow MHC students.

Gilbert’s book is available through Barnes and Noble.