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NSU College of Pharmacy Faculty Member Wins “Quality Game Ball”

Nova Southeastern University’s College of Pharmacy (COP) is the only college of pharmacy in the U.S. that operates a full institutional pharmacy service at South Florida’s State Hospital (SFSH) besides a full service community pharmacy on main campus.  On a monthly basis, the Compliance and Performance Improvement  Department  of South Florida’s State Hospital (SFHS) awards a “Game Ball” to the person who has contributed the most to performance improvement of the hospital.  The person is usually identified by the work done directly with or for the department and also by other employees that have contact with the candidate.    This includes standards related to Department of Children and Family Services, The Joint Commission, Children’s Medical Services as well as the community standards of practice for patient care in the chronic care psychiatric hospital setting.  The College of Pharmacy is proud to announce that COP faculty member, Todd Schmidt, Pharmacy Manager at the SFSH won this month’s “Quality Game Ball” for the excellent work he continually does to improve the quality of care.