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Message of Hope from NSU Administrator

Dr. Fred Lippman

Dr. Fred Lippman

Kicking off the new year, the Sun Sentinel published comments from influential people in South Florida to gather their insights on current events and have them weigh in on what they think will make headlines in 2018. Frederick Lippman, R.Ph., Ed.D., NSU interim executive vice president and chief operating officer and former chancellor of the Health Professions Division, provided the following message of  hope published by the Sun Sentinel:

“There is no doubt that we will face challenges in 2018; we do every year. It is how we react and respond to those challenges that shapes a person and unites a community,” Lippman said. “I hope that we can work toward being a more communicative society this coming year. Human spirit and understanding of one other is not only God-given, but necessary to build a society that allows us to live among, and care for, each other with a sense of compassion. Possessing a deeper understanding for the differences we have in our cultures and professions will only make us stronger.”