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Looking into the Past with the NSU Archives and WRIT 4000

In the Spring of 2016, Eric Mason, Ph.D,, was the professor for the class WRIT 4000 – Writing for Technologies, and collaborated with the NSU Archives to create a series of photographs “Looking Into The Past”.

WRIT 4000 is part of the Department of Writing and Communication’s Minor in Writing program in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The project was designed to allow students to reflect on the role of digital archives and physical spaces in our lives, and their ability to evoke responses ranging from intellectual insight to emotional nostalgia.

The students picked out nine photos from the Digital Collections uploaded to NSUWorks by the NSU Archives. Over the course of the semester they took the photos to the original locations and created new photos juxtaposing past and present.

The Alvin Sherman Library

The Alvin Sherman Library



A 1973 event in the Mailman-Hollywood Building’s Einstein Library retaken by Kristal Tossona in 2016.

The Alvin Sherman Library also used their Instagram account to post a few of the pictures as part of a #throwbackthursday retrospective.

Oicture from hte NSU Archives taken by Eric Mason Ph.D

Picture from the NSU Archives taken by Eric Mason Ph.D

The pictures garnered a number of “likes” and reached a wider population of viewers thanks to the original and innovative use of archival photos by students in WRIT 4000.

All of the photos are now uploaded to NSUWorks for viewing. To see more of the photographs click here.

Interested in learning more? Contact the NSU Archives!