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Office of Human Resources is Proud to Announce the Living the Values March Nominees

The Nova Southeastern University Office of Human Resources is proud to announce the Living the Values employee recognition program.

Originally developed by Nova Southeastern University employee, Kelly Duke, this program serves to provide examples of the many different ways that NSU employees can put the Core Values into action.

Each month we will highlight a different Core Value and share your stories and pictures of how you and your teammates live out the Core Values each and every day.

The purpose of the Living the Values program is to recognize our co-workers who are living NSU’s eight core values. Additionally, the program guides employees to a clear understanding of what the core values are and how they each contribute to the achievement of NSU’s Vision 2020.

March’s Core Value is INTEGRITY

What does integrity mean for NSU employees? Employees who…

  • Adheres to policies and practices in order to service stakeholders with honesty and fairness
  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and operates as a steward of NSU’s resources
  • Openly admits mistakes and takes actions to correct situations or change behavior
  • Holds self-accountable for making principled decisions.

Integrity is the core value of the month for March. Here are some great examples of how to demonstrate the core value of Integrity.


Liza Sumulong Director, Admissions & Recruitment Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship

 Liza Sumulong has illustrated integrity through various efforts including recruitment, admissions and corporate development. Liza has presented to various corporate organizations with effective communication and promoting scholarship with opportunities for employees to pursue advanced education.

More specifically, she has developed a unique partnership with American Express who consistently consult with Liza on referring their employees for programs at NSU and she goes out of her way to assist them, even if it is a program not within her college.

Through her various efforts she was supported the university’s mission for increasing enrollment of new students in her college and often times at others through the corporate development partnerships she has started and maintained.


Teri Williams Director of Experiential Education & Learning (ExEL) Experiential Education and Learning

Dr. Teri Williams has illustrated integrity through her work ethic to improve the prospective and current students understanding of the Experiential Education & Learning program(ExEL).

With integrity, she has engaged with NSU’s internal community of faculty members, current students, and prospective students to educate and assist, and even certify some for experiential education.

She has utilized effective communication and in a short timeframe developed policies and procedures that will prepare NSU students to graduate with a competitive advantage: an e-portfolio and enhanced experiences that include: faculty mentored research, travel exploration, leadership, and more.


Giovanna Stincer Associate Head of School University School

An employee wrote: “Giovanna Stincer is my supervisor and is also the person who nominated me for the NSU Emerging Leader Program. She is the model of what an NSU employee should be and always has the University’s best interest at heart. Ms. Stincer instills confidence in me every day. She supports all of her employees, listens to their concerns, ideas and needs and makes everyone feel like a valued employee.

Giovanna leads by example and because of that I want to do my best each and every day to reward her for believing in me. I love coming to work each day, she has made the work environment one in which I feel valued every day and excited to always come to work. “

Bibi sm

Bibi Zid Accounting Coordinator Facilities Management

Bibi is always willing to help and has stepped up several times in our department’s time of need, doing her job along with additional responsibilities while a key position was being filled. She is a true value to our department. She is a proud Nova Southeastern employee and always tries to do what is right.

Bibi’s integrity is amazing. She works based on her principles and values and does not do anything that will compromise her integrity. She is an asset to NSU and is always there when you need her. It does not matter if you are a student, co-worker, or faculty, she is always willing to help.


Diana Ortiz-Rios

Director, Employee Services

College of Dental Medicine


An employee who has known Diana for over 10 years wrote: “Since day one, I admired her knowledge in the HR/Finance field and her integrity. Diana always conducts herself with complete openness, transparency and with a strong sense of ensuring that she is doing the right thing.”

She leads by example and continuously works to ensure all employees are conducting themselves with integrity and doing the right thing.


Alyssa Rothman Director, Project Manager PR & Marketing Communications

Alyssa Rothman has recently led efforts to host the Holocaust Reflection contest. Alyssa tackled this invite primarily on her own with little oversight and involved a student work study so they could enhance their portfolio.

Alyssa demonstrated consistent work ethic and engagement with the community through effective communication to bring about an event that involved developing a process to review over 1,300 entries to identify winners for the event. Through this event via Alyssa’s efforts, middle and high school students had a unique opportunity to reflect on the Holocaust, participate in an experience that will forever change their lives, exposure to NSU’s Holocaust Reflection room and scholarship for winning participants.


Efraim Hernandez Senior Director of Advancement Services Advancement and Community Relations

Efraim made sure that before leaving the office for a week’s vacation that data was available to run necessary reports during his absence. This made it possible for the department to prepare reports for our Vice President’s upcoming meeting with the NSU Advancement Committee.