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Law Professors and Alumni Serve As Legal Experts for National and Local Media During Casey Anthony Trial

During the course of, and in the wake of, the highly publicized Casey Anthony trial many national and local media outlets turned to the legal expertise of Shepard Broad Law Center faculty and alumni to aid in educating the public on the many issues that surround this case.

There are many questions as to the possibility that the jury did not understand the burden that the prosecution had to overcome (reasonable doubt versus all possible doubt and how a prosecutor can make that clear to a jury in closing argument). Other major issues about the case are the lack of scientific evidence on crucial parts of the criminal case and the possible Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) effect on the jurors.

The following faculty members and alumni have recently appeared in the media to discuss aspects of this case as they relate to the verdict and trial: Professor Bob Jarvis was quoted multiple times in the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and on Palm Beach’s Channel 25. Professor Mark Dobson was a guest on WWNN news radio. Yale Galanter ’82 was quoted in the Associated Press. Ken Padowitz ’86 appeared on WWNN news radio. Stacey Honowitz ’88 appeared multiple times as a guest expert on Headline News (HLN). Terence Lenamon ’92 was quoted in the Miami Herald. Richard Rosenbaum ’83 was quoted in the Associated Press. Mark Lippman ‘98 was the attorney for Cindy and George Anthony during the trial.