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Information Systems Student Participates in Sixth Annual Google Summer of Code

Ann-Marie Horcher, a Ph.D. student in information systems at NSU’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, participated in this year’s Sixth Annual Google Summer of Code.

Mentored by, Horcher worked over the summer to create an application that transformed a docbook file to epub format used in ebook readers such as the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook and the iPad. As a result of Horcher’s project, it’s now easier to move technical documentation to a portable format.

View Horcher’s YouTube video illustrating her work and its results here. (

Google’s Summer of Code started in 2005 and has brought together more than 3,400 students with more than 200 open source projects from all over the world to create millions of lines of code.

Read more about their Sixth Annual Summer of Code at