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Halmos College’s Ocean Science Research Symposium

Ocean Science Symposium Sharkbyte

In January 2018, the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography hosted its second Ocean Science Research Symposium. Faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate students presented technical summaries on current research that covered a wide array of diverse marine topics, including physical oceanography, coral reefs, larval ecology, bill fish, shark tracking, marine genomics, microorganisms, marine diseases, invertebrate physiology, and evolution.

One highlight was the keynote speech by Ruth Gates, Ph.D., from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. In “Harnessing Basic Science to Improve the Prognosis for Coral Reefs,” Gates discussed how coral reefs in Hawaii and across the globe continue to decline in health due to intensifying climate change, resource extraction, and pollution. However, she pointed out that certain corals and reefs are not only surviving, but thriving in conditions that kill others. She talked about the complex biology that underpins the natural variation in the response of corals to stress and went on to show how this knowledge can be harnessed to develop tools that build resilience on reefs, arresting and improving the reef’s outlook.

Students of all levels attended and participated in this symposium, which included talks and poster sessions. The event culminated in a dinner hosted by the Halmos College graduate student government.

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