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Halmos Alumni Represent at FMSEA Annual Conference

Dore Arena Gerakios Brown Miller

NSU Alumni attendees of the FMSEA 2017 conference. (Left to Right) Melissa Dore, Paul Arena, Jaclyn Gerakios, Kimberly Brown, Dawn Walker Miller. Missing from Photo: Kevin Lasagna and Irene Arpayoglou

This May, the Florida Marine Science Educators Association held its annual conference in St. Augustine, FL. Entitled, “Shining Light on Ocean Literacy”. This conference focused on the Ocean Literacy Principles using current research projects and innovative programming conducted by ocean educators of all levels.

Halmos College and Nova Southeastern University were prominent at the conference. Alumni Presenters included Kevin Lasagna (M.S. Coastal Zone Management) with his talk, “Coastal Erosion Mitigation Using Living Shorelines”. Halmos Director of Academic Support, Melissa Dore (M.S. Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management) presented “Ocean STEM: Plugging the leaks in the pipeline”.

Other Halmos Alumni included current FMSEA President Jaclyn Gerakios (M.S. Environmental Education, Graduate Certificate in Marine and Coastal Climate Change), Halmos faculty member Paul Arena (Ph.D. Oceanography/Marine Biology), Dawn Walker Miller (M.S. M.S. Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management), Irene Arpayoglou (M.S. Marine Biology), and Kimberly Brown (Graduate Certificate in Coastal Studies). The 50th anniversary conference will be held at NSU in May 2018.