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FCE Thanks Professors for Their Assistance with New Recruitment Efforts

NSU’s Abraham S. Fischler College of Education, recently thanked a few of its Professors for their help with new recruiting efforts at the college.

Michael Simonson, Ph.D., and Gina Peyton, Ed.D., Associate Professors, Department of Higher Education Leadership and Instructional Technology, were each acknowledged with a gift card for their support to the FCE Recruitment team in launching the inaugural Facebook Live sessions. These sessions among various topics, discussed and promoted popular graduate level education programs, and the job opportunities that could be available with a degree in these areas. It was also a time to highlight two of the FCE esteemed faculty members.

Silvia Orta, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Higher Education Leadership and Instructional Technology, was also recognized with a gift card for her countless support of Fischler initiatives to recruit prospective students at events, which included the NSU 2018 Spring Open House where she spoke about her experiences as a doctoral student and professional opportunities the degree brought her. In addition, Dr. Orta played an integral part in the FCE summer 2018 call campaign to current students that had not yet registered offering her assistance with enrolling for this term.