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FCE Alum Uses Hip Hop Song and Comic Book to Teach Punctuation to Kids


Beryl Irene Bailey, Ed.D

Beryl Irene Bailey, Ed.D., graduate of NSU’s Fischler College of Education (FCE) in 2003, created The Punctuation Posse Patrol, a new program which teaches basic punctuation to children ages 6-12, through a unique combination of original animated characters and an accompanying rap song. The Punctuation Posse Patrol (Patsy Period, Aaron Apostrophe, the Quotation Quartet, Quincy Question Mark, Courtney Comma, and Eric Exclamation Point), explains the roles of each of the punctuation characters and how they work together to help sentences in need, creating a level of excitement and engagement about writing in the classroom.

Bailey is currently the Director of Literacy at Bloomfield Public Schools in Connecticut. She says that the importance of punctuation in effective writing is getting lost. Punctuation symbols also have functions within math, science, and other disciplines, and Bailey suspects that students may be missing their significance.

Bailey created the characters in order to reinforce the grammar and punctuation skills that students seemed to be missing in their writing. She teamed up with songwriter and music producer, Raymond J. Barnes, to co-create the comic book story as well as the music and lyrics. Nationally syndicated cartoonist, Joe Young Jr., drew the nine cartoon characters who make up the Punctuation Posse Patrol, and created original pen and ink drawings for the story. Color and graphic artist, Kyle Young, worked with the team to illustrate the Posse’s adventures as they go to work in the world of communication.

 The “Punctuation Posse Patrol” comic book and CD are available nationwide to educators, administrators, and parents. The digital hip-hop track itself is available for download on iTunes. For more information, please email Bailey at