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Computer Sciences School Professor’s Paper Accepted into the Journal for Campus-Wide Information Systems

The upcoming issue of the journal Campus-Wide Information Systems (CWIS) will be publishing a paper by NSU’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences Associate Professor Yair Levy, Ph.D., written in conjunction with the business school’s part-time professor Michelle M. Ramim, Ph.D., and their two colleagues from the University of Plymouth, Professor Steve M. Furnell and Nathan L. Clarke, Ph.D.

The paper titled “Comparing intentions to use university-provided vs. vendor-provided multibiometric authentication in online exams” investigated e-learners’ intention to provide multibiometric data and use multibiometrics during online exams. The empirical research paper addresses the new phenomena of using third-party biometric devices and services that are introduced to e-learning systems for stronger user authentication.

However, such use of third-party vendors raises concerns by the students. Based on empirical data collected from 163 e-learners from two institutions, they compared such intentions when the multibiometric is operated by their university versus by a third-party service vendor. The multibiometric discussed included fingerprint, face, and voice recognition.

Results indicated much stronger e-learners’ support with about six out of 10 agreeing to use multibiometric provided by their university, while much lower support of only two out of 10 agreeing to use it if provided by a third-party vendor. Such findings have profound implications for vendors of multibiometrics devices who work to integrate their products and services into e-learning systems as they must adjust their implementation approach to ensure low user resistance.