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Computer Sciences School Hosts Winter Poster Session for Doctoral Students

(from right to left): T. John McCune, H. Marissa Stone, and Ragan DuBose-Morris presenting “It Takes A Village to Write a Dissertation” with their faculty sponsor, Dr. Martha Snyder.

NSU’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences held the Winter Poster Session for doctoral students on Jan. 12. Doctoral students and faculty discussed, learned, and shared common research or topic interests and interesting practices within their field. Select students were invited to present their research interests within the school’s academic community.
Student presenters included:

•    Barry Ahrens, “A Tour Construction Framework for the Traveling Salesman Problem
•    Kathleen L. Cool, “Informal Learning as Performance: Toward a Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Museum Learning in Second Life
•    Dr. Jean French, “Automatic Affective Video Indexing: Identification of Slapstick Comedy Using Low-level Video Characteristics
•    Katharine Hixson, “Team training takes flight at NASA
•    Dr. Bruce Montgomery, “The Impact of the User Interface on Simulation Usability and Solution Quality
•    Jaime E. Puente, “Examining the Effects of Distractive Multitasking with Peripheral Computing in the Classroom
•    Vincent Scovetta, “The Impact of Leadership Social Power on Knowledge Management
•    Derek J. Sedlack, “Reducing Incongruity of Perceptions Related to Information Risk: Dialogical Action Research in Organizations
•    Joshua Stalker, “A Reading Preference and Risk Taxonomy for Printed Proprietary Information Compromise: A Case Study on Corporate E-training in the Defense Industry
•    H. Marissa Stone, Ragan DuBose-Morris, T. John McCune, “It Takes A Village to Write a Dissertation

Video and images from the event as well as the students’ research may be found here: