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Business Professor Presents to Florida Business Travelers Association

Albert Williams, Ph.D.

Albert Williams, Ph.D., chair for economics and finance in the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, recently gave a presentation to the Florida Business Travelers Association (FBTA). The topic of his presentation was “Financial Principles Required to Win in an Uncertain Economic Environment.” Williams told the 61 attendees, that even though they are committed to and passionate about their corporate lives, they should likewise be very concerned about their personal financial situation, especially in the present economic environment.

He recommended that their concern about ‘cost reduction’ and ‘risk management’ in the corporate world be made a part of their personal lives as well – more so now than before. He further proposed several measures to achieve this, including: actively budgeting to reduce waste of precious income, focusing on needs not wants, evaluating your present wealth and re-strategizing, evaluating your insurance needs, and amend your will accordingly. “You should build up a financial cushion to cover one year of expenditures,” Williams said.

One participant wrote, “Dr. Williams was ‘the more informative’ and ‘the best presentation’” of all the presentations at the workshop. Williams encouraged the participants to join him at Nova Southeastern University to continue their education. Over 40 corporations were represented at the seminar including: United Airlines, Jet Blue, Southwest, Hyatt, Marriott International Inc., Hilton Hotels, Enterprise Auto Rental, JM Family Enterprise, Citrix, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and FPL.