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A Day in the Life of a Nurse


Recently, the Entry B.S. in Nursing Program (Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus) participated in Day in the Life of a Nurse. The Nursing Consortium of South Florida, a coalition of hospitals, nursing schools, and health care staffing organizations, organized this day which takes place annually promoting a partnership with South Florida public school districts and many private high school and middle schools.

The Fort Lauderdale/Davie Entry B.S. in Nursing Program welcomed 24 students from Falcon Cove Middle School and their teachers to our nursing lab. The middle school students had the opportunity to learn more about the nursing profession by working with the Entry B.S. in nursing students and faculty. The day began with the entry B.S. in nursing students sharing their individual stories that led them to a nursing career as well as highlighting their educational experiences at Nova Southeastern University. The College of Nursing provided various hands-on activities for the middle school students such as taking vital signs, handwashing and working with a high-fidelity simulator. This is the fifth year the Fort Lauderdale/Davie  campus has participated in this event. Faculty, administrators, and staff who participated in this event were Dean Marcella Rutherford, Dr. Blondel Martin, Dr. Caroline Smikle, Dr. Lisa Soontupe, Dr. Sarah Koplow, and Ms. Melissa Morris.IMG_4137