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Alvin Sherman Library wants to get kids ready for Back to School…

Become more familiar with Alvin Sherman Library’s vast selection of online resources which can lead to a more successful school year for you and your children. These resources can help with research projects, homework, and test-taking.  It is simple to find reliable information from your home computer any time; day or night. The Alvin Sherman Library is well prepared to get you through the new school year.

1. First you will need your Alvin Sherman Library card (or your NSU Shark card if you have one). To enter the various electronic databases, use the card number on the back of your card.

2. To retrieve reliable information 24/7 on subjects ranging from Math, Science, and History to Language Arts, click on the Homework Helpers image below for a wide selection of databases.








3. If you have a specific question requiring homework help, click on this link: or call (954)262-4613 or 1-800-541-6682 ext. #24613

4. For test preparation, click on the image below.   





5. For assistance with college business, math, science, etc., click on the image below.










6. Click on the image below for all your other library needs:






7. Finally, as a reward for your hard work, click on the image below for your reading pleasure!