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Symptoms of Solar Eclipse Eye Damage

Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO

Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO

During the total solar eclipse, many people may have looked directly into the sun without the proper eye protection. In a recent interview with Local 10, Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO, associate professor at NSU’s College of Optometry talked about what viewers should look for in the coming days if their eyes may have been affected by the eclipse. Dr. Law said that three main symptoms to look for are a decreased or distorted vision in the center of your view or any type of reduced color perception.

If you feel you may have any changes in your vision after viewing the solar eclipse, you can reach out to The Eye Care Institute at Nova Southeastern University for a full-service, comprehensive optometry exam.


CLICK HERE to watch the full segment.