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NSU Professor Speaks Nationally About the Election Recount

The recount which involves the Senate race between Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, the governor’s race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum and the agriculture commissioner’s race between Republican Matt Caldwell and Democrat Nikki Fried has created a legal skirmish to determine whether or not the thousands of disputed ballots should be counted and what the voter’s intent was on the ballots deemed as valid.

Charles Zelden, Ph.D., professor of history and political science in NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, was featured nationally in more than 100 news outlets discussing the state wide recount and it’s legalities. Dr. Zelden said that if Republicans were trailing, they would be pursing the same tactic. He said that there is a playbook, and it says that if you are ahead, you want to shut down the voting as quickly as possible, argue deadlines matter and argue that the rules need to be followed. He also says if you are behind, you want to extend the definition of what is and isn’t a valid vote.

Charles Zelden, Ph.D.

Charles Zelden, Ph.D.

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