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How to Deal With Children’s Temper Tantrums in Public

Dr. Del Rio-Roberts explained how parents can achieve self-control

Dr. Del Rio-Roberts explained how parents can achieve control


In a public place, a toddler’s tantrum can be embarrassing and stressful for parents. In a recent interview with the national TV program Despierta America, Maribel Del Rio-Roberts, Psy.D., assistant professor and supervisor of Psychology trainees, NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences said that some of our children’s tantrums are not conscious and we must understand that they do not do it for shaming us.

During the segment, Dr. Del Rio-Roberts explained how to deal with our children’s tantrums in a public place without losing self-control. Dr. Del Rio-Roberts also discussed the different stages of kids’ rebel behavior.


Dr. Del Rio explains how to achieve self-control

How to deal with children’s tantrums?









CLICK HERE to watch the full segment.