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ABC Local 10 Segment: How to Protect Your Eyes from Total Solar Eclipse

Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO

Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO

The total solar eclipse is coming in a few days, and as the excitement increases, so does the worry that it will leave behind eye problems. In a recent interview with ABC News, Cristina Llerena Law, O.D., FAAO, associate professor at NSU’s College of Optometry talked about the most common type of eye damages associated with a total solar eclipse. “You should absolutely not look at the eclipse with your naked eyes and your regular sunglasses don’t give you enough protection,” said Dr. Law.

Dr. Law also recommended the use of proper filters and to not stare at the eclipse for a long period of time. Two to three minutes only.


CLICK HERE to watch the full segment.