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NSU is Celebrating International PI Day, March 14

We all remember it from our math classes – that quirky little symbol π that represents the mathematical constant, Pi. However, many of us don’t quite remember what it really means – but we do remember the number that represents pi – 3.14

pi dayIn honor International Pi Day (Wed., Marcy 14, which is 3/14) Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography is hosting an event. To make it even more pi-centric, NSU’s event will start at 1:59 p.m., which means it will be held on 3.14159 (which is the first six digits of PI.)

NSU’s mathematics department is inviting students, faculty and staff to stop by and enjoy some dessert – pie, of course, and ice cream – while learning a little bit more about math. There will be various student and faculty presentation as well as some give-a-ways and prizes.

The event is scheduled for 1:59 p.m. Wed., March 14 at NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus, 3301 College Ave. in the DeSantis Building.

Oh, and in case you need a refresher, pi was originally defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, it now has various equivalent definitions and appears in many formulas in all areas of mathematics and physics. It is approximately equal to 3.14159. It has been represented by the Greek letter “π” since the mid-18th century, though it is also sometimes spelled out as “pi“.