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No Shot at Justice: No Jail Time for Man Who Shot Neighbors Dogs

Shahabudeen K. Khan, J.D.

Shahabudeen K. Khan, J.D.

A year and a half ago a family found their dogs dead in their backyard. The dogs were shot and killed by their neighbor, Jose Rocha, who in a recorded interview, told police the dogs never showed any signs of aggression. Rocha was charged with animal cruelty. He faced 10 years in prison, but won’t spend one day behind the bars because of a plea deal. The main reason why Rocha got the deal, was because the police sergeant who arrested him did not read Rocha his Miranda warning.

Shahabudeen K. Khan, J.D., associate dean of international programs & associate professor, NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law, said to 7 News Miami, “Miami-Dade Police did not need to read Rocha his rights because the interview was done in his home, and he was not yet in custody. I believe that jail time would have been possible here, had the prosecution pursued this case.”


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