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Halmos Students Experience Marine Research Vessel Up Close


This January, a group of Halmos College undergraduates were among the first to visit the R/V W.T. Hogarth at the Bahia Mar Marina. This 78-foot vessel is the newest research vessel for the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO). The Hogarth is equipped with berths for 10 scientists, wet & dry labs on board, a Satellite Internet Link, Fisheries Eco-Sounders, Dual Head Swath Bathymetry (for bottom-mapping), and a Dynamic Positioning System. Following her sea trials and her welcome tour, she will assume her role as “Florida’s floating lab”.

“You can’t become a biologist or environmental scientist sitting at home looking at the computer,” said Chair of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences Bernard Riegl, Ph.D. “You can only understand your world if you’re out in your world, if you move around in your world, and if you’re a marine scientist, the world is your ocean.”

NSU is a full member of FIO, which was formed as a way to unite scientists with a common interest in the coastal oceans who could share in the limited lab and vessel capabilities. FIO is chartered to provide infrastructure support to facilitate collaborative research and education related to Florida’s coastal and ocean environment, and to serve as a coordinating body across academia, state and federal agencies, ocean science organizations and the private sector in addressing new opportunities and problems to be solved through research, education and outreach.